Daryl Burrows

Director and Principal Scientist

Daryl Burrows is a Principal Environmental Scientist (Geology and Chemistry) with over 18 years experience in environmental work. His particular expertise is in soil and groundwater investigation, monitoring and modelling.

He has worked extensively in contaminated land remediation and remediation design, and landfill soil, gas and leachate monitoring. Daryl has additional skills in geotechnical investigations and supervision, contract administration and acid sulphate soil assessments.

He has been involved in a diverse range of remediation projects throughout Australia, including the Harbourside Quay remediation, the Florence Crescent remediation works, the remediation of WMC’s sulphur compound at Port Adelaide, the Brompton Redevelopment project, the Central West Precinct (Balfours) redevelopment and the Edinburgh HNA HC1, HC2 and HC3 projects.

Daryl has substantial experience in site investigations as a result of over 1000 soil investigation projects undertaken over the last 14 years, including soil and groundwater investigations.

In addition Daryl specialises in air quality monitoring and assessment. He has undertaken numerous indoor and outdoor air quality assessments including monitoring of meteorological conditions, suspended particulates, landfill gas and ambient air quality.

These assessments include soil remediation projects such as the Brompton Redevelopment and public events such as WOMAD.

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