Tom Dolling

Director and Principal Engineer

Tom Dolling is a Principal Environmental Engineer with over 18 years experience in environmental work including contaminated site assessment and remediation, landfill design and construction, landfill environmental management, and environmental monitoring. He has specialist skills in soil remediation planning and design, contract management, superintendence and project management.

He has been involved in a diverse range of remediation projects throughout Australia, including the contract administration components of the Harbourside Quay remediation, Florence Crescent remediation works, Maud Street Kilburn and the Brompton ‘City Edge’ remediation works. He has also been involved in other major environmental projects such as the Northward Fill at Inkerman, Pedler Creek landfill, Kangaroo Island landfill, Victor Harbor landfill, Alice Springs landfill, and work on landfills in New South Wales and Queensland.

Tom has substantial experience in modelling of environmental conditions such as leachate generation and groundwater visualisation.

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