Adelaide Oval Redevelopment

Project precis
As part of the new Adelaide Oval Redevelopment project, significant excavation activities were required to be undertaken as part of the construction of basements beneath proposed new South and East Stands and also the reprofiling of the oval surface. The total estimated volume of excavated materials is expected to be in the order of 180,000m3.

Materials surplus to site requirements are being moved to other sites. All waste soil materials removed from the site had to comply with the requirements of EPA’s “Standard for the production and use of Waste Derived Fill”.

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Project role
Environmental Consultant

Site investigations:

  • Stages 1 & 2 investigations of fill and natural materials based on over 1,000 collected soil samples
  • QA/QC method selection and assessment
  • Stage 1 and Stage 2 reporting

Waste Soil planning:

  • Preparation of a soil management plan (including development of classification system for soils, soil management principles, excavation methodology, management of waste soils to be removed to other sites, and site surveillance requirements)

Site works implementation phase:

  • Site surveillance during removal of soils
  • Validation testing to confirm classification of materials for off site removal
  • Reporting of site surveillance and validation activities

Baulderstone and CATCON

Project value
$535 million, funded by the State Government through the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.

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