Brompton Redevelopment (Sites 10 to 19)

Project precis
Redevelopment of former industrial sites (8ha) at Brompton; presence of 400,000 m3 of uncontrolled fill. The sites were subject to redevelopment for medium density residential and open space uses. The development proposal identified over 300 new allotments allowing for a mixture of individual allotments and community titles.

The site was audited by a SA EPA accredited site contaminated auditor. Audits for nine individual sites were completed between 2007 and 2009.

Project role
Principal Environmental Consultant and Contract Superintendent

Site investigations:

  • Investigations of fill and natural materials based on over 3,000 collected soil samples
  • Investigations of groundwater using a network of 40 Quaternary bores
  • Soil vapour investigations
  • QA/QC method selection and assessment

Community liaison:

  • Site community liaison representative
  • Attendance of community meetings on behalf of developer
  • Meetings with community members during remediation works

Remediation planning:

  • Preparation of remediation action plan (including design of on site re-use of fill, environmental management plan, materials tracking plan, site validation plan, OHS objectives, groundwater assessment)

Remediation implementation

  • Dust monitoring and management over 24 months
  • Air quality monitoring during remediation activities
  • Supervision of works (2 staff on site full time)
  • Collection of over 3,000 validation samples
  • QA/QC method selection and assessment
  • Preparation of 9 remediation reports
  • Investigation of post remediation groundwater conditions and reporting
  • Preparation of post remediation site management plans
  • Administration and superintendence of project using AS4000 as conditions of contract

Angas Consortium (Joint Venture between Kinsmen Developments, Australian Property Projects and Adelaide Civil)

Project value
Development cost approximately $100million

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