Brompton Redevelopment (Site 9)

Project precis
Redevelopment of former industrial site (0.3ha) at Brompton; presence of 20,000 m3 of fill.
The site was audited by a SA EPA accredited site contamination auditor.

Project role
Principal Environmental Consultant and Contract Superintendent

Site investigations:

  • Investigations of fill and natural materials based on over 300 collected soil samples
  • Investigations of groundwater using a network of 10 Quaternary bores
  • Investigations of radionuclide contamination
  • Soil vapour investigations in fill and adjacent natural materials to assess the presence and mobility of contaminants
  • Groundwater contaminant fate and transport modelling
  • QA/QC method selection and assessment

Community liaison:

  • Attendance of community meetings on behalf of developer
  • Meetings with community members during remediation works

Remediation planning for Site 9 (on site containment):

  • Preparation of remediation action plan (including on site containment cell, environmental management plan, materials tracking plan, site validation plan, OHS objectives, groundwater risk assessment, risk assessment of on site containment)
  • Design of passive soil vapor venting system below future public open space

Remediation implementation:

  • Dust monitoring and management over 3 months
  • Air quality monitoring during remediation activities
  • Supervision of works
  • QA/QC method selection and assessment
  • Assessment and reporting of remediation works
  • Preparation of remediation report
  • Investigation of post remediation groundwater conditions and soil gas conditions
  • Detailed groundwater risk assessment
  • Preparation of post remediation site management plan

Angas Consortium (Joint Venture between Kinsmen Developments, Australian Property Projects and Adelaide Civil)

Project value
Development cost approximately $1million

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