Central West Precinct

Project precis
Redevelopment of former industrial sites (2ha) in Adelaide CBD; presence of 20,000 m3 of fill; site contamination consisted of inorganic and organic contaminants typical for former industrial sites. In addition groundwater was affected by previous activities.

The sites were subject to redevelopment for high density residential, commercial and open space uses.
The sites were audited by a SA EPA accredited site contamination auditor.

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Project role
Principal Environmental Consultant

Site investigations:

  • Iinvestigations of fill and natural materials based on over 500 collected soil samples
  • Investigations of groundwater using a network of 20 Tertiary aquifer bores
  • QA/QC method selection and assessment

Remediation planning:

  • Soil vapour risk assessment (DNAPL and dissolved benzene in groundwater) using models based on Johnson Ettinger algorithms
  • Preparation of remediation action plans (including environmental management plan, materials tracking plan, site validation plan, OHS objectives, groundwater risk assessment, risk assessment of on site retention)
  • Stabilisation trials to determine treatability of coal tar materials, preparation of treatment management plan and reporting our successful stabilisation

Remediation implementation:

  • Supervision of site works
  • Collection of over 300 validation samples
  • QA/QC method selection and assessment
  • Assessment and reporting of remediation works
  • Treatment of coal tar residues using a cement matrix
  • Preparation of 3 remediation reports

Adelaide City Council

Project value
Development cost over $600million

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