Site contamination

Site investigations (e.g. site history, soil, soil vapour and groundwater contamination investigations.)
Screening and detailed risk assessments.
Remediation cost budgeting.
Remediation planning and supervision.
Post remediation reporting.
Post remediation site management plans.

Environmental management plans

Infrastructure projects (e.g. roads, railways, buildings, industrial facilities.)
Site remediation projects.


Soil, groundwater, soil vapour, air quality (e.g. particulates/dust, volatiles, gases.)
Meteorological conditions.

Environmental approvals and licensing

Environmental investigations.
Documentation for EPA licences.
Liaison with EPA and environmental auditors.
Liaison with project stakeholders including local communities.

Waste management

Landfill monitoring (e.g. landfill gas, groundwater, surface water, litter, noise, air quality.)
Landfill design (e.g. lining systems, hydrological modelling, capping design.)
Landfill environmental management plans.
Landfill closure plans.

Environmental audits Entry and exit audits for lease agreements.
Due diligence audits for property transfers.
Compliance audits for environmental management plans.