Daryl Burrows

Director and Principal Scientist
B.Sc (Hons)
Geology and Chemistry

Daryl Burrows is a Principal Environmental Scientist (Geology and Chemistry) with over 26 years experience in environmental work. His particular expertise is in soil and groundwater investigation, monitoring and modelling, and air quality monitoring.

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Tom Dolling

Director and Principal Engineer
B.Eng (Hons)
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Member IEAust

Tom Dolling is a Principal Environmental Engineer with over 26 years experience in environmental work including contaminated site assessment and remediation, landfill design and construction, landfill environmental management, and environmental monitoring. He has specialist skills in soil remediation planning and design, contract management, superintendence and project management.

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Elmar Schaffeler

Technical Consultant
Fellow IEAust

Elmar Schaffeler has over 36 years experience in environmental engineering. He has been involved in over 400 environmental projects in Australia and overseas (including over 300 contaminated land projects and over 50 landfill projects) and has been lecturing in Environmental Impact Assessment (University of Adelaide) since 1999. Since 1996 he has presented 10 technical papers on site contamination, air quality and QA/QC at national and international conferences.

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